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Gross Decon Procedures

Please read the note below from FSA and watch the video!!

For a few years now we have been hearing the mantra “Clean is the New Salty”. Research has shown that we are carrying carcinogens on our gear upon exiting the fire/smoke saturated atmosphere. Many departments have already established policies regarding gross decon after an event.

As you know we installed cleaning/decon wipe stations outside of all of our burn buildings (bus stops) a couple of years ago. Now we have taken the next steps to help keep you and your members safe.

We have now installed garden hoses with adaptors, buckets, brushes, and soap at all of the bus stops for your use. Research provided to us by NYS OFPC states that a simple gross decon will remove 85% of the contaminants on our gear. A thorough cleaning of the gear should still be done as soon as practical as the gross decon does not neutralize the carcinogens that may still remain.

Please take a look at this very brief video and share with your members.

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