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ATTENTION - New Signal 8 Response Matrix


Please read the email below from Chief Avondet. This is outlining our NEW Signal 8 Response Matrix. Please familiarize yourself with it! We are now ZONE 5; we are NO LONGER ZONE 4.

Each call will have THREE engines respond. We will be responded to the zones highlighted below. Contact and Officer with any questions

-- Andrew Krahm First Lieutenant Defender Hose Company No. 1

Gentleman, Response to calls in the following zones are as follows:

Example CO call without aided in zone 1 would be 441, 443, 445, truck

Still alarms there will be a three-engine response. This has been activated in fire coms new cad system The current still alarm response has been changed to a zone response This is a work in progress. Changes coming Please get this out to your membership asap. This effective immediately. Jim Avondet 4401 516 669 2185

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