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  • If I become a member of Defenders do I get paid?
    Becoming a member of Hose 1 is a volunteer commitment. Although you have the rewarding sense of helping your neighbors as payment, there are other incentives to joining as well!
  • Do I have to sleep at the fire house?
    We are not like a paid fire department where you have to do shifts and sleep at the fire house! There are times that we do perform overnight standby's in case of inclement weather and other such occasions in order to expedite our response times to help our residents!
  • Do I always have to respond to calls or be at the fire house?
    If you are at your full time job, spending time with your family or out of town, of course you aren't expected to drop what you are doing! This commitment is when you can give the time. We do have regular training days on Thursday nights and Sunday mornings that members are encouraged to attend. Responding on calls is when you are able to take some time to help your neighbors!
  • Do I have to do stuff with the ambulance?
    Only if you want to! Being an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) requires a lot of additional training and studying. You could assist on calls as a first responder if you wish or even begin to drive the ambulance. Some of our members decided to become EMT's and even drive the ambulance!
  • Do I get one of the cars with lights in it?
    The SUV's outfitted with lights and sirens are given to the Chief's in our Department who respond to ALL of the emergencies the various companies of the RVCFD is assigned to. One day, maybe YOU could be the next Defender Chief!
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